Ioana TĂmaŞ Ceramics


Fracas Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

"Orishas" was my thesis project, inspired from Yoruba mythology. I made a research on the material, paperclay for a better construction and resistance of the shapes. For decoration, I projected the patterns and drawings on the sculptures to better embrace the shape. The sculptures are decorated on one side with the graphic drawing of the Yoruba gods or spirits. The other side of the sculpture is decorated with a variety of African paterns found in textile work.

2015- Ceramic Art Andenne, Belgium

Prize of the jury

For this series of sculptures, I used the ceramic transfer technique (lithography) and Raku firing. I created this body of work specially for Ceramic Art Andenne 2015, where the theme was to present a specific technique. I chose to show a very known technique but then interpreted in my own style. I used the ceramic lithography technique to personalise each work and through Raku firing I interfere by partially covering or accentuating the transfers.

Anthropomorphic, is about shape and texture. My research to further develop the biding between abstract and figurative. I explore ways of representing thoughts, feelings and dreams. I try to make a metamorphosis and create the untouchable into recognisable and palpable forms. I personified feelings and turn them into "living characters". With this research I create forms which suggest a combination between human and animal and allude to belonging in nature. I am searching to create images and forms of living that show both fragility and strength. I search how to make a story using as few words and details as possible and lead the viewer to fantasise, creating his or her own story. In this part of the work, I also search for different ways of presentation to make static work more dynamic just through being suggested by form or presentation. The movement can be suggested by the sculpture’s own shadow or the sculptures curved legs. What are striking in most of my sculptures are the pointy legs which I use as suggestion of roots, a symbol of leaning towards something, continuous growth or a search for stability. 


"My unusual friend" is a textile project in research. I use old clothes or left-over pieces of fabric to create sculptures. I already made a (small scale) test model, but the intention is to build an interactive installation with imaginary creatures that can be manipulated but also used as seats for recreation places. I want to create a fun place for children but also a place for grown-ups where they can release their inhibitions and feel childish again. So far, the reactions to this project were very strong and people get very excited interacting with the textile sculptures. This has motivated me to continue and extend this project. The textile work for me is a translation of my ceramic work. It has the same concept and style but is more interactive and dynamic for the public. The goal of my interactive and social projects is to find out how to connect more with the public. I am very confident that these two projects can reach that.

Who Am I? is a project about the transgender community in Eindhoven. This project started after I joined a photoshoot with some of its members, initiated by another artist, Gemma van Gennip. Gemma has noticed my interest in the subject of identity and invited me to collaborate with her. After the photoshoot, we had an exhibition "Search of Identity" where we presented our work inspired from this event at Kunstcentrum Weert. Later I developed the project further and made a solo exhibition including sculptures, installations and video. With this project I also joined Pink Screens festival in Brussels, a film festival with the goal to promote alternative sexuality and gender. This project has helped me to deepen and express my thought on identity. It is very intimidating when you describe what someone else experiences and to get acknowledged that your work does that, is very rewarding.


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