Ioana TĂmaŞ Ceramics


Human Wall

I created the Human Wall as a representation of my first experience leaving the family home. I tried to express that feeling when you are for the first time on your own but especially in an environment unknown to you. The work was made with the imprint of my body, as I would have built a wall around me. It is representative of the awareness of being isolated from the rest of the world that surrounds you because you are/feel different. The important step is to integrate which would mean to brake the wall. It can, sometimes, take more time being trapped inside or never get out. In my work the symbol of the wall is representing the fine line between safety and isolation. It is a big question mark of what happens when you leave your culture and move to another. Will you be able to keep your culture and in the same time embrace the other?

The Portraits

This work represents the classic portrait photography. Seeing the portraits they all look the same, just another pair of eyes looking deep into the camera lenses without showing any expression. I was then imagining that maybe at that time, the rest of the body is showing much more... and by looking at it you can better see what they feel, than looking at the portraits.

It all started when someone told me that she is shy being bare feet. It makes her feel naked. Than I thought that this must be, for some of us, a quite intimate, personal part of our body. So I started to look at people's feet to see if there really is something particular about them. What I discovered is that they are very different from one person to another, sometimes funny, relating them to the character. This resulted in the installation called "The Portraits".