Ioana TĂmaŞ Ceramics

Human - Animal - Nature


I describe my previous work as being inspired by the world around me and my own dreams or fantasies. For my current work the course changes and I find inspiration in my own work. Some old parts and pieces of my work left behind and hidden in a corner of my studio, caught my attention again. Reading at that moment about Marina Abramovic and Rebecca Horn and rediscovering my fascination towards Frida Kahlo, I started to do some research of how to use my own anatomy in expressing thoughts. Then the project relation human-animal-nature was born in which one becomes the other.

Pin-hole photos

Photographs realized by Niek Tijsse Klasen

Concept Ioana Tămaş

The photos are taken with a pin-hole camera. They were intended as sketches for the bigger project but they became part of it. To my surprise the distorted body in the photos has an interesting relation to the shapes of my previous sculptures. I became my own work!

You find here a mixture of thoughts and ideas as they come directly from my mind starting the introduction to the new project.