Ioana TĂmaŞ Ceramics

Raku work

The Stories Untold

The series of work called "The stories untold" is a project I had made for the Biennial of Ceramics in Andenne, Belgium. For this event I had to present work that is made in a single technique. My technique of choice was Raku firing in relation with ceramic lithography.
This work was awarded at the event with the jury's prize.


The work shown in the Femininity album are my first sculptures made in the Raku technique. My focus was not centered on the special effects of the raku glazing but mostly experiencing the process of the firing and testing its limits in what can be possible according to the shape. Glazing was used as decoration or details.
In this first Raku work I explored as a thematic the female shape, body and mind. Representing it as innocence, freedom, fertility and hope.